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Air Cargo Charter Introduction

What if you have an urgent cargo transportation need but cannot find a suitable flight plan? Come and learn about freight charter services, global freight charter services that are safe, efficient, and fast to meet your logistics needs.

Freight charter service refers to a form of service in which enterprises or individuals hire an entire aircraft for specialized cargo transportation. The freight charter service model is particularly suitable for customers who need to transport bulk goods, emergency goods, or special goods, and have high requirements for transportation time and service quality. There is a clear difference between cargo charter flights and traditional air cargo: traditional air cargo integrates various types of goods into the same aircraft for transportation, while cargo charter flights rent a separate aircraft according to customer needs for cargo transportation.

Our freight charter flight service is very flexible, which can be direct transportation from a specific starting point to the destination, or personalized flight plans can be developed according to customer needs for multi-point transportation to better meet their diverse transportation needs.


Our expansive global network and profound expertise guarantee that your freight can reach any corner of the world. Irrespective of the size or weight, our tailored charter or personal hand-carry services are committed to timely delivery. Additionally, our proprietary tracking system empowers you with real-time visibility and control over your shipment, ensuring utmost efficiency when timing is crucial.


With our dedicated cargo charter flights, the handling and transportation process of your goods is carried out with utmost professionalism and safety, ensuring the integrity and security of your shipment.


Our cargo charter services are not constrained by traditional flight schedules, allowing for prompt and flexible arrangements based on the specific needs of your cargo.


Whether it's large-scale equipment, crucial supplies, or urgent cargo, our cargo charter services can provide tailored transportation solutions to meet your specific needs.

What items are suitable for freight charter services?

Air cargo/freight charter services are suitable for various types of cargo transportation due to their efficient, flexible, and customized characteristics. The following are some types of goods that are particularly suitable for transportation through freight charter flights:

Bulk cargo: Freight charter services can carry a large amount of cargo, making them particularly suitable for transporting bulk cargo. For example, large equipment, heavy machinery, or large quantities of raw materials.

Emergency goods: For urgent goods that require quick delivery, such as medical supplies, disaster relief supplies, or important documents, freight charter flights can provide fast and reliable transportation solutions.

Special Goods: Certain special goods, such as fragile goods, dangerous goods, or goods that require special handling, can be customized for transportation by freight charter planes to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods.

Fresh and refrigerated goods: Freight charter services can ensure the quality and safety of fresh food, refrigerated drugs, and other products that require strict temperature control during transportation.

High value goods: For high-value goods such as artworks, jewelry, or precision instruments, freight charter services can provide a safer and more reliable transportation environment, reducing the risk of cargo loss.

Air Cargo Charter


Frequently asked questions and answers about Air Cargo Charter Service

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Air cargo charter service refers to a form of service where customers specifically transport goods by renting an entire aircraft. It provides direct transportation from the starting point to the destination, meeting customers' needs for time, safety, and personalized services.

Freight charter services are applicable to various types of goods, including bulk cargo, emergency cargo, special cargo, fresh and refrigerated cargo, and high-value cargo. It can provide customized transportation solutions according to customer needs, ensuring the safe and fast arrival of goods at the destination.

Air freight charter services have higher flexibility and timeliness compared to traditional air freight. It can quickly arrange flights according to customer needs, avoid transit and waiting times, and greatly shorten transportation cycles. At the same time, freight charter flights can also provide personalized services to meet the special needs of customers for cargo safety, cabin configuration, and loading and unloading requirements.

The operational process of freight charter services usually includes customer demand confirmation, flight planning, cargo preparation and packaging, crew preparation, safety inspections, cargo loading and transportation, and other links. The customer needs to communicate with the freight charter company to clarify transportation needs and conditions, and then follow the agreed process to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination safely and on time.

The price of freight charter services is usually calculated based on multiple factors, including the weight, volume, transportation distance, flight arrangement, cabin configuration, etc. of the goods. The specific price calculation method may vary depending on different service providers and routes. Customers can communicate with freight charter companies to obtain detailed quotations and cost details.

Freight charter services usually require customers to provide relevant documents and certificates such as invoices, packing lists, import and export licenses for the goods. These documents and documents are necessary conditions to ensure the legal transportation of goods and the smooth passage through customs. Customers should prepare these documents in advance and communicate and confirm with the freight charter company.

Freight charter services have a high degree of reliability in terms of safety performance. Freight charter companies usually have rich transportation experience and professional operation teams, which can ensure the safe transportation of goods. At the same time, freight charter services also use advanced aviation technology and equipment to conduct strict cargo inspection and packaging, ensuring that goods are not damaged or lost during transportation.

Choosing a suitable freight charter service company requires considering multiple factors, including the reputation and reputation of the service provider, transportation experience and strength, route coverage, and service network. Customers can comprehensively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different service providers and choose the service provider that best suits their needs by searching for relevant information, consulting industry experts, or communicating with other clients.

Shanghai Baiyue Aviation Service International Logistics Co., Ltd. has been focusing on emergency air logistics for more than 10 years. We have rich experience in air cargo services and can provide you with safe, reliable, and fast cargo charter services. Welcome to contact us!

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Air Cargo Charter

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