On Board Courier Hand Carry

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On Board Courier

Fast, Safe & Reliable industry leading Time Critical On-Board Courier Service

On Board Courier Hand Carry

On Board Courier

A door-to-door, hand-carry service for time-critical shipments


When time is of the essence, our on board courier (OBC) service uses global airline networks to expedite your time-critical shipments. Whether it’s manufacturing components to keep an assembly line running, the latest prototype technology, or a time-sensitive consignment of product samples, we understand exactly what it takes to get your cargo delivered fast.



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When Every Minute Counts, Count on BaiYue Logistics


Our professional team ensures that your shipment are safely delivered to their destination


Strive for time and speed to respond, ensuring the shortest time and fastest efficiency


Customizable service solutions can be customized according to unique customer needs

On Board Courier Hand Carry


About On Board Courier

What We Do?

We are one of the earliest enterprises in China to engage in On Board Courier Hand Carry air transportation services.

Over the past decade,we have  accumulated rich experience in Hand Carry air transportation services.

What is On Board Courier?

An On board Courier (OBC) personally escorts particularly urgent air cargo on board the aircraft, be it packages, hard drives or urgently needed documents.

The On board courier service uses scheduled aircraft for this purpose and serves destinations worldwide.

On Board Courier Service safeguards your critical shipments to avoid delays

BaiyueLogistics offers a professional, door-to-door on board courier solution (hand carry service): dedicated courier, customs clearance, visas, in-person delivery.

On Board Courier is our fastest service and most reliable product. Our services are noted for the security and detailed procedures, ensuring the secured delivery of each shipment.

When Should Your Business Consider On Board Courier Hand Carry Services?

Businesses that are focused on customer satisfaction tend to spend time researching and understanding the variety of shipping options available today.

Making sure deliveries go out and arrive on time is one of the most significant responsibilities shipping departments have.Using traditional shipping services like standard mail or courier delivery are the most common.

However, what should a business do when they need to ship something of value? Should a diamond ring, antique clock, or medication be sent in the same manner as an easy-to-replace household item?

If your business needs to deliver more valuable or time-sensitive items, hand carry service may be a better solution.

Key Featuers of Our On Board Courier Service

  • · RAPID RESPONSE: 24/7 Standby,quotation & flight routing provided within 30 minutes.
  • · RELIABILITY: Shipment fully supervised and trackable throughout the transportation
  • · FLEXIBILITY: We can offer a solution as per your needs which includes both door to door and airport to airport depending on what is required.

Why Choose US?

  • √ 10+ years  Time Critical Air Freight experience
  • √ Strong relationships with core carriers around the world who prioritize your cargo
  • √ Deep expertise with hazardous, oversized and time-sensitive cargo requirements
  • √ Certified cargo screening facilities across China
  • √ A range of service options, from Same-day delivery, Next Flight Out, On Board Courier
  • √ 24/7 shipment visibility and customer service

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