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Abroad International Moving

Professional team with over 10 years of experience in international moving logistics. Safe and fast, 24/7 door-to-door service

Abroad International Moving

International Moving

Door-to-door services worldwide, tax-free customs clearance and free home delivery, safe and efficient


We provide professional international private goods transportation solutions for students, foreign teachers, foreign-invested enterprises in China, immigrants, and individuals who are going abroad for work, etc. We offer international luggage shipping and door-to-door international moving services.

International Moving

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Professional in international air freight and international moving services, our global service network covers over 100 countries and regions, serving 300+ cities worldwide.

Abroad International Moving


Moving to the United States / Moving from the United States to China
Abroad International Moving


Moving to Japan / Moving from Japan to China
Abroad International Moving


Moving to South Korea / Moving from South Korea to China
Abroad International Moving

United Kingdom

Moving to UK / Moving from UK to China
Abroad International Moving


Moving to Canada / Moving from Canada to China
Abroad International Moving


Moving to Australia / Moving from Australia to China


With rich experience and professional service skills, we provide one-stop moving support services that save you time, effort, and money. Our team is dedicated to serving our clients with the utmost care and attention, placing their needs first and upholding our reputation as the foremost provider of international moving services.


Advanced technology and equipment ensure the safety and reliability of the entire transportation process


Rich experience in life science logistics, providing you with first-class services


Customizable service solutions can be customized according to customer needs

Abroad International Moving


About International Moving

What is the strength of us?

Our company demonstrates its strength and professionalism with a skilled moving team that embodies experience and trustworthiness. With over ten years of rich experience, our services are second to none, and our employees' solid foundation of pre-job training and skilled handling skills ensure that every customer can receive our careful attention. Our philosophy is to "think of what customers want and rush to their needs," and we make your satisfaction our sole pursuit.

The professional caliber of our team allows you to enjoy high-quality, caring, and worry-free services. 24-hour specialized personnel solve your worries, and our strength allows you to feel at ease, relieved, and comfortable! Choosing us means choosing professionalism, and it means choosing trust.

With rich experience and skilled techniques, we provide meticulous service for you. We only want you to experience the most worry-free, most reliable, and most comfortable services. Choose us, let us provide you with the best moving experience!

How is international moving charged?

We are a reliable partner worthy of your trust!

Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the principle of honesty and transparency in our services, providing you with a quotation that is open and transparent. At the time you need it, we always uphold the concept of putting customers first and use professional attitudes and caring services to meet your various moving needs. No matter where you are located, we will provide you with convenient and fast moving services.

Please call our service hotline: 400-011-9188 to enjoy professional international moving services!

How can we ensure the safety of the items?

  1. Legal guarantee: Before packing your items, we will sign a formal and standardized contract with you, which will clarify the rights and obligations of both parties and have legal guarantee validity.
  2. Packaging guarantee: We adopt international standard packaging methods, including airbag shock protection and 5-layer thick cartons. For special fragile items, we will also use wooden boxes for reinforced protection to ensure the safety of the entire transportation process.
  3. Safety guarantee: We will make a detailed inventory for your packaged items, each item will correspond to a unique number and identify its content. Before shipping your goods, we will confirm the total number of pieces with you and sign for confirmation. Each link will be counted again until your items arrive safely abroad and are received by you.
  4. Service guarantee: From the moment you hand over the items to us until the items are delivered to your home abroad, our professional team will track the entire process and provide timely feedback on the status of your items. We will do our best to solve any doubts or problems you may encounter.

Why Choose US?

10+ years  Time Critical Air Freight experience

Strong relationships with core carriers around the world who prioritize your cargo

Deep expertise with hazardous, oversized and time-sensitive cargo requirements

Certified cargo screening facilities across China

A range of service options, from Same-day delivery, Next Flight Out, On Board Courier

24/7 shipment visibility and customer service

And much more!

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