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Aircraft On Ground
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When an aircraft is grounded , every minute and second passed will significantly increase costs.Our AOG service can help to recover in the shortest possible time!

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AOG Transportation

In the aviation industry, time is crucial; Any delay can result in significant financial costs and affect customer satisfaction. We provide emergency aviation material logistics transportation services in the event of aircraft grounded due to malfunction (AOG), enabling rapid transportation and delivery of important components to grounded aircraft.

Our company focuses on providing comprehensive logistics transportation solutions for various types of aviation equipment, including air, sea, land, railway, multimodal transportation, project logistics, warehousing, bonded and other diversified services, and providing professional logistics consulting services to customers.

We have a professional and efficient aviation material logistics service team, committed to providing customers with one-stop specialized logistics services for aviation materials. The service content includes comprehensive scheme design for large and special aviation materials, aviation material customs consultation and on-site services, dangerous goods packaging and transportation, AOG services, and self carrying services for hand luggage. Years of experience in aviation material logistics have enabled us to accumulate rich practical capabilities. In the event of an AOG emergency, we have always kept our promises, won widespread recognition and high praise from our customers, and established an excellent reputation in the industry.

Our aviation material customers cover multiple fields, including airlines, aircraft maintenance enterprises, aviation material suppliers, manufacturers, aviation material trade distributors, aviation material lessors, etc. We are committed to meeting the needs of various customers and providing the highest quality aviation material logistics services.


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We have over 10 years of professional experience in time critical logistics, we have served hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises.

We can offer you with the fastest and safest AOG transportation solution.


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Aircraft On Ground

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AOG is the abbreviation for Aircraft On Ground, which refers to the state in which an aircraft is grounded on the apron for repair due to its own malfunction that cannot be repaired immediately and cannot complete normal flight tasks.

AOG (Aircraft On Ground) status is usually caused by technical malfunctions, mechanical problems, improper maintenance, shortage or damage of components in the aircraft.

These factors may involve engine failure, failure of critical systems, wear or aging of components, etc., making it impossible for the aircraft to safely perform flight missions and forcing it to be grounded for maintenance.

In order to prevent and respond to the AOG situation, airlines need to take a series of measures, including strengthening aircraft maintenance, improving personnel skills, optimizing the parts supply chain, and developing emergency plans to ensure that the aircraft returns to normal operation as soon as possible and reduce the impact on the company and passengers.

AOG emergency transportation refers to the rapid transportation service provided to address the urgent maintenance needs of aircraft in a grounded state, ensuring that the required components and equipment can be delivered to the destination in a timely manner.

AOG logistics plays a crucial role in the aviation industry. When an aircraft undergoes unplanned maintenance or repairs on the ground, it does not generate revenue and may disrupt air traffic. Therefore, AOG logistics aims to minimize the cost and downtime of grounded aircraft by quickly delivering spare parts and critical services.

The time for AOG emergency transportation depends on factors such as the origin, destination, distance, and transportation method of the goods.

Baiyue Airlines International Logistics will do its best to ensure that the goods are delivered in the shortest possible time.

The cost of AOG emergency transportation is usually calculated based on factors such as the weight, size, distance, and transportation speed of the goods.

We will provide customers with competitive AOG transportation cost quotations based on these factors.

AOG Shipping Process

① Telephone reservation: air freight quotation and flight information inquiry

② Goods entering the warehouse: determine the weight, volume, and charges of the goods

③ Flight confirmation: Confirm the departure time of the flight and book the cabin

④ Aircraft check-in: Cargo airport security check and loading flights

⑤ Order inquiry: Real time tracking of goods transportation status

⑥ Delivery of goods: airport pick-up or arrangement for delivery to door

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In times of extreme time constraints, the AOG emergency air material transportation service is the fastest transportation method you can consider

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics


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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

Aircraft On Ground

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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Aircraft On Ground(AOG)Logistics

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