Cold Chain Logistics

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Tempreture Controled Logistics

We are committed to providing you with safe, efficient, and reliable full process cold chain logistics solutions

Cold Chain Logistics

Tempreture Controled Logistics

Based on the special requirements for temperature controlled transportation and sterile environment of chemicals, diagnostic reagents, blood samples, vaccines, stem cells, etc., we provide multiple temperature zones such as 2-8 ℃, 0-10 ℃, 15-25 ℃, 18-30 ℃, 0-30 ℃, -20 to -80 ℃ (dry ice), liquid nitrogen (-196 ℃), and room temperature to ensure that the goods safely reach their destination within the specified time and temperature limits.


Your trusted life science temperature controled cold chain logistics service expert


Advanced technology and equipment ensure the safety and reliability of the entire transportation process


Rich experience in life science logistics, providing you with first-class services


Customizable service solutions can be customized according to customer needs

Cold Chain Logistics


About Tempreture Controled Logistics

We are committed to providing you with safe, efficient, and reliable full process cold chain logistics solutions.

We are equipped with medical long-term insulation boxes and ultraviolet sterilization cold chain transport trucks, which are suitable for the transportation standards of living laboratory mice and pharmaceutical preparations.

Our goal is to ensure that your product maintains constant temperature control throughout the entire supply chain to ensure product quality and safety.

Our Services

Logistics Planning: Our professional team will develop personalized cold chain logistics solutions for you based on your product characteristics and needs.

Cold storage: We have modern cold storage that meets international standards and provides safe and stable cold storage services.

Refrigerated transportation: We have a professional refrigerated fleet and excellent transportation management team to ensure that your products arrive at their destination on time and safely.

Temperature monitoring: We adopt an advanced temperature monitoring system to track and record the temperature changes of your product in real-time throughout the entire transportation process.

Full traceability: We provide a complete logistics information management system to achieve full traceability, ensuring that every step of your product from production to consumption is under control.

Our Advantages

Quick response: Our team is always ready to respond to various emergency situations 7 * 24 hours, ensuring that we provide you with solutions as soon as possible.

Professional team: Our team has rich experience in life science logistics and provides you with first-class services.

Safe and reliable: We adopt advanced technology and equipment to ensure that your product remains in optimal condition throughout the entire transportation process.

Economically efficient: We provide you with the most competitive prices by optimizing logistics processes and reducing costs.

Professional experience: Baiyue Airlines International Logistics has over 10 years of aviation logistics service operation, and is professional and trustworthy.

Our clients have spread all over the world, including major biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, etc. They chose us not only because of our professionalism and reliability, but also because we always adhere to a customer-centric service philosophy.

If you have any questions or need more information about our life sciences constant temperature cold chain logistics service, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will wholeheartedly provide you with the highest quality service.

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10+ years  Time Critical Air Freight experience

Strong relationships with core carriers around the world who prioritize your cargo

Deep expertise with hazardous, oversized and time-sensitive cargo requirements

Certified cargo screening facilities across China

A range of service options, from Same-day delivery, Next Flight Out, On Board Courier

24/7 shipment visibility and customer service

And much more!

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