What is On Board Courier?

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An On Board Courier (OBC) is an individual or courier service hired to personally accompany and hand-carry time-sensitive or valuable items on a commercial flight. The On Board Courier is responsible for ensuring the secure and timely delivery of the items to their destination. This service is often used for urgent shipments, high-value goods, sensitive documents, or other items that require special attention and quick delivery.

Key features of On Board Courier services:

1. Hand-Carrying Items:

The On Board Courier physically carries the items on their person during the flight, ensuring constant supervision and security.

2. Time-Critical Deliveries:

OBC services are commonly employed when there is a need for rapid and time-critical transportation. This can include situations where standard shipping methods would not meet the required delivery timeframe.

3. Global Coverage:

On Board Couriers are often used for international shipments, ensuring that items can be hand-delivered across borders and continents.

4. Secure Handling:

The personal supervision by the On Board Courier enhances the security of the shipment, especially for valuable or confidential items.

5. Flexible and Adaptable:

On Board Courier services are known for their flexibility, allowing for customized solutions based on the specific needs and constraints of the shipment.

6. Documentation Assistance:

On Board Couriers may also assist with necessary documentation, customs clearance, and any other logistics requirements to facilitate a smooth and rapid delivery process.

Businesses and individuals use On Board Courier services when traditional shipping methods are not fast enough or when the items being transported require a higher level of security and personal handling.

On Board Couriers play a crucial role in the logistics industry, particularly for industries such as pharmaceuticals, aerospace, legal services, and any business where time-sensitive deliveries are critical.

What is On Board Courier?

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