How to bring pet to CHINA from the USA?

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Bring pet to China from the USA involves several steps and requirements. Here is a general outline of the process:

Research China's pet import regulations:

Before arranging to bring your pet, make sure to familiarize yourself with China's pet import requirements. China has specific quarantine and documentation requirements, including vaccination, health certificates, and other necessary documents. You can consult the Chinese Embassy in the USA or China's Animal and Plant Quarantine Bureau for the latest information.

Book a flight and pet-friendly cabin:

Contact airlines to book your flight and ensure there is a pet-friendly cabin available. Different airlines have varying pet transportation policies and restrictions, so inquire in advance and understand their specific regulations.

Prepare a suitable pet travel carrier:

Purchase an appropriate pet travel carrier that meets both airline and China's import requirements. The carrier must comply with the airline's size and material specifications, providing sufficient space for your pet to stand, lie down, and turn around comfortably.

Pet health check and vaccinations:

Before departure, ensure that your pet undergoes a thorough health check-up and receives the necessary vaccinations as required by China. Typically, pets need to be vaccinated against rabies and obtain a health certificate issued by a veterinarian.

Arrange required documents: Based on China's requirements, arrange for an import permit, health certificates, and other necessary documents. You may need to contact a pet import agent or relevant authorities in China for guidance and assistance in obtaining these documents.

Preparations before pet transport:

A few days before the flight, prepare appropriate food, water, and a comfortable bedding for your pet. Ensure that your pet has enough time to acclimate to the travel carrier before the journey.

Pet transport process:

On the designated day and time before the flight, bring your pet to the designated pet transport location. The airline and airport staff will guide you through the pet transport procedures. During this process, make sure to follow all instructions and regulations provided.

Please note that the above steps serve as general guidelines, and actual procedures may vary depending on changes in airline policies and China's import regulations. Therefore, it is crucial to consult relevant agencies and professionals for the most accurate and up-to-date information before planning your trip.

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How to bring pet to CHINA from the USA?

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